Kristen for State Senate

In 2022, I lead design and communications for a young socialist organizer named Kristen Gonzalez running for New York’s newly-drawn state Senate district spanning Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.

Knowing we’d be outspent by an establishment candidate, our path to victory required landing a powerful yet playful visual identity that could mobilize our young distict and draw sharp contrasts between us and the establishment candidate. It worked, helping us to grow a large online following from scratch and recruit more than 700 campaign volunteers.

We won the election in a 26-point landslide, beating the establishment candidate by four-to-one in Brooklyn and two-to-one in Queens despite nearly $1 million spent against us.


Organizing idea:
We Make New York.

This is the New York that the richest wish they could have. That’s why luxury developers raise our rents to price us out; why corporate polluters poison our air with fossil fuels; and why even Republicans are pouring money in a last-gasp attempt to buy our political system away from us.

So good thing we’re also the New York that’s making a movement. Here in Astoria, in Greenpoint, and in Stuy-Town, we don’t just take on the world’s biggest corporations. We win. Just ask Amazon what happened in Queens. Or Blackstone in Manhattan. Or Exxon in Brooklyn.

And when we got sick of the same old career politicians selling us out, we didn’t stay home. We elected a whole new kind of representative. True movement organizers like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Tiffany Cabán, Zohran Mamdani, and Emily Gallagher who fought alongside us to change this country forever. Because we make New York. And we’re just getting started.

—Messaging Guide

Book Covers

For ten years, I designed book covers (and the ocassional book interior) for publishers including Verso Books, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, and leading academic presses such as Oxford, Princeton, and the University of Chicago. While I worked on everything from thrillers and cookbooks to Pulitzer Prize–winning fiction, my focus was in popular political and economic titles, condensing dense and complex subject matter into simple, intuitive visual concepts for lay audiences.


More case studies underway.

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